The RoKzKool Academy Charity

An innovative musical project

Our Story…

The RoKzKool Academy Scottish Charity has been operating in and around the Highlands for over 5 years, gaining charitable status in July 2019.

At RoKzKool Academy (SCIO), we run workshops during term time for young people of all ages and backgrounds, working in partnership with Schools and Communities. We also offer week long courses during school holidays which emphasise music, sport and fun. We have facilitated many Events and Galas, and now are being given the opportunity to perform for our 2nd year at Belladrum!

All of our Students work towards building skills and incorporating recognised awards, such as Hi5, Saltire, Youth Awards and DofE.

Our aim is to build confidence, self esteem, resilience and social skills as well as independence and respect; we provide a platform for our students to develop skills and knowledge to perform their best not only on stage but in the spheres of work, life and society.

Health and well-being is encouraged, as is parent participation, with a student led approach that allows students to become a main part of every project we deliver. We have guest speakers from our partner organisations and companies offering opportunities to Rokzkool Academy through residential retreats and local activities run by organisations such as The Rotary Clubs, local Youth Development Teams such as Clachnacudden FC. We receive sponsorships from co-op, Asda, Tesco, Albyn Housing Association, Cairn Housing Association and the Tulloch Group and more,  working together with Youth Highland, Signpost, Highland Children’s Forum, SNAP, NAS, and the NHS to allow us to work together for the benefit of the Community.

We enhance and encourage musical skill through a variety of activities, believing that everybody has some kind of musical ability that only needs inspiration, confidence and direction to find it. Our workshops offer a series of activities devoted to the musical, emotional and social development of youth. The facilities are designed to entertain, exercise and stimulate them in a positive way while reinforcing good social skills in a group environment.


Our commitment to young people

We are committed to fostering a good relationship with the young people we assist, promoting socialisation and solid friendships, strong interpersonal skills and reasserting a sense of hope in their futures. Only through positive personal relationships can a sense of individual responsibility be established that will give young people the motivation and dedication to follow through on the path to their goals with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

To achieve this young people will be in a caring, inclusive learning environment that encourages them to do their best and find self-respect.  RoKzKool creates a learning environment that will be an invaluable resource to young people, aspiring mentors and the communities at large.

Our Service

RoKzKool offers a unique service in the Highlands. We provide youth with an extra-curricular opportunity to sample a wide variety of instruments such as drums, piano, wind instruments double bass, acoustic and electric guitar and more, singing and learning the structure of musical notes. You can browse our gallery page to see some of the musical instruments and our students playing them.

Our workshops are designed with a quality structure allowing both solo work, being part of a group, and the skills learnt will transfer from the stage into the young people’s lives also.

Kay Ewen and Rod Shannon

About Kay

Kay is originally from Inverness and with Rod has raised five children. Kay has extensive management experience in training and development, and recently graduated with a BA (Hons) in business management. She is passionate about offering children the chance to be fit and active. She holds a Sports Coaching Qualification and Gymnastics level 1, and is now an SFA Junior Football Coach! so she is able to integrate sport and fitness into the RoKzKool programme using fun, games and activities.

About Rod

Rod is our resident musician and has over 30 years experience including studying classical guitar for 3 years and can turn his hand to many instruments including a wide variety of guitars, drums, double bass, xylophone, vibraphone and many more. He has a good knowledge of the music industry and has played in many bands since he was a young adult. Rod also attended the Glasgow School of Art and is a keen artist in his spare time.

Rod’s experience also includes 11 years working with adults who have a wide spectrum of learning disabilities. Rod firmly believes that music can offer a wonderful opportunity to build confidence, find an outlet and make friends.

They are both registered with the PVG scheme, and have attended courses for the Protection of Children. They are currently qualified and capable of handling Music Workshop Management and Security and Safety with CPR First Aid qualifications through the Luck2Bhere charity.