Terms and Conditions

1. Book your child onto the taster session at a reduced rate of £10. This will give your child a chance to meet us and try the classes before they commit to the term.

2. We advise that students do not bring valuables to classes as RoKzkool cannot be held responsible for them. If mobiles MUST be brought in they are to be kept in bags and on silent for the duration of the class.

3. All students aged 5 – 12 must be signed IN and if a student needs to leave early they must sign OUT; a register will be called at the beginning of every session.

4. No student will be allowed to leave the premises out-with scheduled class sessions without parental awareness and/or written permission. Our responsibility finishes at the end of session.

5. RoKzkool would prefer if students wore comfortable trousers and T-Shirt

6. Students with medical conditions should give medications to their Team Leaders in case of emergency. Please clearly label all medication with your child’s name and instructions.

7. A copy of our Child Protection policy is available on request.

8. Do not bring chewing gum or cigarettes (regardless of age) to RoKzkool.

9. All fees must be paid be Monthly Instalments through Bank Transfer.

10. Upon joining you will be invoiced in full for the remaining weeks in the term, please note we regret allowances cannot be made for planned holidays, parties, illness or other changes of circumstance.

11. When a student wishes to leave RoKzkool 8 weeks’ notice MUST be given in writing. Failure to give written notice will result in membership fees continuing into the next term which must be paid for. NB if a student leaves before the end of a term, no refunds will be given.

12. Any student who continuously disrupts classes will be issued a verbal warning. If disruptive behaviour continues, a written warning will follow, then exclusion from RoKzkool. Fees will not be refunded under these circumstances.

13. RoKzkool cannot be held responsible for classes cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control i.e. weather, fire etc. Such cancellations will not be compensated.

14. Staffing may occasionally be changed at our discretion.

15. Parents are requested to leave the classrooms for the duration of classes. Past experience has highlighted that parents sitting in on lessons has proven to be disruptive to the students and reduce teaching effectiveness.

16. RoKzkool cannot be held responsible for any belongings left which go missing.